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OMEGA company was established in 1984, specialzing in research and manufacture of bakery equipment.


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PCCClimatorUnit OmegasClimatorUnitPCCensuresoptimumcontrolofthehumidityandtemperatureinprovers.Boththetemperatureandhumiditycanbeswitchedonandoffasrequired Afanontopoftheairductblotheairandpressesitdo
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PCC Climator Unit


Omegas Climator Unit PCC ensures optimum control of the humidity and temperature in provers. Both the temperature and humidity can be switched on and off asrequired


A fan on top of the air duct blothe air and presses it down through the duct. On the way down the air is supplied with heat from the heater element and humidity from the steam unit. The hot and humid air is blownout through the bottom part of the duct and is led Via perforated air guide plate into the prover. This design ensures optimum and uniform proving in the entire prover Two or more PCC units canbe connected parallelly by common control


Technical data


Height: 170cm

Width: 58cm

Depth: 20cm

Steam capacity: 6m2

Fermentation capacity: Kgs

Power: 6KW

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