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OMEGA company was established in 1984, specialzing in research and manufacture of bakery equipment.


All products have proprietary intellectual property rights and core technology.

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Theprovingprocessiscontrolledbyasimplecontrolpanel.Thispanelisveryfriendlyandgivesclearindicationsabouttimesandtemperaturesduringtheentireprovingprocess  StandardFeatures Isothermalpanelsmadeofpolyure
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The proving process is controlled by a simple control panel. This panel is very friendly and gives clear indications about times and temperatures during the entire proving process



Standard Features


Isothermal panels made of polyurethane foam, 50mm thick high insulation coefficient

Temperature span from 35ºF to 122ºF(2ºC to 50ºC): covers most types of baking products

Full view door

Dual proof/holding functions

Stainless steel outer and inner

3.5″/9cm tray spacing

Auto water fill system

Side hinged door

Chassis mounted on directional castors. two


HCP has a maximum inner space and is delivered with stainless steel and detachable rails for a maximum of 32 baking trays of 60x80cm or 64 baking trays of 40x60cm Low velocity circulation fan gently and evenly circulates airaround the prover cabinet. Cabinet temperature is controlled.
by a thermostat and humidity via a humidity sensor and control. A thermometer indicates the cabinet temperature. A single element heats the cabinet with an additional element heating water in the water tank HCP series unit operates independently or in combination with Omegas D-series deck ovens.


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