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OMEGA company was established in 1984, specialzing in research and manufacture of bakery equipment.


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Spiral Mixers With Fixed Bowl

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Product Detail

With the largest range of capacity from 25 till 300kg, this line offers nice opportunities to meet customers request for all type of productions(corners bakers, supermarket, industrial bakeries )All our mixers have two motors and the possibility of reversing bow rotation in one speed. Two electronical timers control all the machine function. The time which has elapsed (minutes secondcan be easily read from the digital display At the end of a work cycle, the timers return to the values initially set for the kneading cycle which hasbeen automatically stored in memory. Due to belt transmission of power, the machine noise level is quite low




Standard Features


1. Stainless Steel Bowl and Spiral Arm

2. Two Speed Spiral Arm with Automatic Mixing Time Control

3. Great ability to mix small and large quantities

4.Bowls are driven by 2 sets of friction wheels running the milled border of the bows to increase the grip effect

The technical data, colours and photos of the machinery in our catalogues are not binding. OMEGA reserves theright to change them should this be deemed necessary in order to improve the product, without advance notification



Supplied Standard Equipmen


1. Bowl, contrast column, safety guard and flour screenmade of PP

2. Two timers setting the working time with automatoy Italy SITEC and the electrical control components made by SCHNEIDER

3. Spiral made of stainless steel

4. Selector for reverse bowl rotation device at 1st speed

5. Movement transmission through pullers and GAT ES belts

6. Overvoltage and overload motor protection

7. Tension 380 V-frequency 50 HZ-3 phases, or tension 230 V- frequency 50 Hz-3 phases, tension220 V-frequency 60 Hz-3 phases, tension 380 V- frequency 60 HZ-3 phases



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