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OMEGA company was established in 1984, specialzing in research and manufacture of bakery equipment.


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Tunnel Oven

TunnelOven Beinganimportantequipmentinthebreadbakingmachine,Omega'sTunnelOvenisthebestchoiceforhighqualitybread,anditisalsothemostadvancedfoodbakingequipment.Itincludestwokinds,oneisdieselcombustortyp
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Tunnel Oven


Being an important equipment in the bread baking machine, Omega's Tunnel Oven is the best choice for high quality bread, and it is also the most advanced food baking equipment . It includes two kinds, one is diesel combustor type and the other is electrical heating type. Both of the inward and outward are made of stainless steel materials to make sure of the cleanness and sanitation. It combines hot air convection, heated air circulation, slowly rotating car together to ensure the food  heated evenly. There is also a spray and humidification equipment to guarantee the food to meet with the humidity standard, after baking for a while, the bread is well done, elastic, soft and delicious.It can be applicable in baking any kind of bread, cake,biscuits,tea


Standard Features


1Double or single deck.(single: power 1KW/m,double:2KW/m)

2Width:1400mm (two trays horizontal),1800mm(four trays Vertical Forms)

3Touch Screen: PLC control system, or mechanical switch control system

4Band:fine wire mesh band, wide-shaced wire mesh band , or solid steel band

5Material: outside:SS201,304,403 ,inside:SS430,ALCOT

6The length and width  : It  can be customized according to customer site

7Power : electric or gas

8the tunnel oven can be ordered and designed.


Safety Protection


1. Intel ligent guide operation system, to avoid error operation

2. Fault alarm system guide the operator to solve the problem efficiently

3. Gas pipes multiple safety protection control system, to strengthen safety protection

4. Flame-out automatic checking and processing system

5. Gas over-standard concentration automatic checking system, make security assurance

6. Air flows in the chamber before lighting to make sure the oven start safety level

7. Anti-back fire mode is used to increase safety level

8. Second forced to burn. make sure sufficient burnin

9. Zero pressure system, totally avoid safety problems




Continuous baking type, suitable for food automated production. The large production of a single product manufacturers can use it for production line, improving efficiency, saving manpower and producing perfect colored products. Equipped with PLC control system, it can store baking program, and achieve intelligent automated production It meet the requirement of the food safety the Nation Food Safety Dept request. According to your working place, our tunnel oven can be customized





1. Over 30 years technology and experience

2. Achieved adjustable burning, save energy and improved safety

3. Safety control system uses international advanced accessories

4. High strength steel structure, high density insulation materials, avoid oven deformation because oflong time heating

5. Sufficient burning, save energy

6. Baking various products, with good moisturizing and taste

7. Customized according to air type and length of the oven, used in production line for mooncakehamburger, cake etc

8. High quality materials, Japan self-oiling chain, global brands control element, SEW, NSKSchneider, Omron, make the oven 20 years service life.

9. Heating fast, uniform colored, keep the same temperature, make sure your product competitive

10.Every 3 meters a control part, you can control baking temperature according to product require


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