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The trend of moon cake development in the baking market


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The trend of moon cake development in the baking market

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According to market analysts, the midautumn festival moon cake will be increasingly high degree of brand concentration of the market,

According to market analysts, the midautumn festival moon cake will be increasingly high degree of brand concentration of the market, consumers' brand consumption consciousness increasingly mature.From a product standpoint, traditional product is still the leading role, but individual character product market, such as sugar, less oil, "ice skin moon cakes", because its abandoned the traditional moon cakes with syrup as raw material to process, and without the fire roasted, tastes sweet and not greasy, taste unique, is very popular with the market.Diversity also is the product development direction in the future.Moon cake market development for large scale production of the brand era, due to competition at the same time, the moon cake products began to enter the average profit era.The moon cake market will gradually regression is natural, the consumer's values and consumption psychology, consumption concept will be more mature.Group share increase year by year, ball pin has become the core of enterprise sales, accounted for about three or four of the total sales.

      In 2008, the food industry is still faced with raw material prices and other pressures, baking industry is no exception, however, consumer also ongoing, industry is still will develop steadily, to develop innovative products to meet the demand of consumer is the law of the same.

     How to stand out in the homogeneity product environment, how to break through in the fierce market competition, make a personality is distinct, culture, the profound brand image, is an important topic of the enterprises.Along with the further national public nutrition plan, functional materials, such as prebiotics will important influence to the enterprise product structure.In view of the functional baked goods in the future great prospects for development, related industry organizations to encourage the industry to improve technology innovation, technology innovation, product innovation ability, for the product to increase nutrition, health elements, promote the upgrading of bakery products structure, for the upcoming baking food industry development of all kinds of preparation.