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Bake Toast bread used Baking Equipment


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Bake Toast bread used Baking Equipment

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Toast is made by a French Grard Depardieu invented in 1491. As we all know, toast is one of the western bread, 

Toast is made by a French Grard Depardieu invented in 1491. As we all know, toast is one of the western bread, common in the continental breakfast as well as tea restaurant in Hong Kong.Toast is easy to digest, absorb, convenient to eat and quite popular in our daily life.

    The primary materials are high-gluten flour, yeast, sugar, salt, protein (used to bake a toast of gold skin). Through the 190 degrees heat oven, bake for about 30 minutes, Then, through the cooling tower for cooling section. Bread after heating, the surface will become brown. Finally, slice it up.

    At the high temperature is relatively soft and tasty, very delicious. Under the condition of low temperature, toast can harden, flavor taste will be much worse.

    Toast baked in the oven (called “toast furnace” in Hong Kong) until it become good smell, take it out. And put some dosing, such as batch cream, butter, jelly and other ingredients with two pieces of toast, it is the hot food and delicious.