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what’s the meaning of baking in baking area


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OMEGA company was established in 1984, specialzing in research and manufacture of bakery equipment.


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what’s the meaning of baking in baking area

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Baking referring to flour products used in baking process of categories of products,Generalized refers to the flour and all kinds of food and its semi-finished products and a variety of accessories to    

Baking referring to flour products used in baking process of categories of products,Generalized refers to the flour and all kinds of food and its semi-finished products and a variety of accessories to allocate, or after the fermentation, or directly with high temperature baking, or fry together a series of crispy and delicious food.


Baking Cake with Omega Planetary Mixer

The characteristics of baking

(1) with grains as the main raw material;

(2) to the oil, sugar, egg and milk as main materials;

(3) the product of mature or finalize the design with the baking process;

(4) the product without having to regulate serve;

(5) all baked goods for solid food.