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About the Omega

OMEGA company was established in 1984, specialzing in research and manufacture of bakery equipment.


All products have proprietary intellectual property rights and core technology.

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Why buy from Omega?


1. Superior Quality Product at a Chinese Price 

OMEGA bakery equipments are widely used by clients come from more than 40 countries by state purchase, combine purchase and individual purchase. Now we produce more than 1500 units rack oven every year. Buy from Omega means you can buy superior quality product at an affordable Chinese price.


2. More Durable Quality Made in Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Internal & External 

OMEGA pays more attention to quality. OMJ series rotating rack ovens offer you quality equipments not only by extending using life but also by reducing trouble makes 


3. Advanced Mixed Heat/Humidity System

The OMEGA advanced mixed heat & humidity system ensures humidity injection and temperature fast act.Mesh Baskets Moisture guiding louvers avoid splashing and dripping. 


4.Completely Easily Knocked-down 

OMJ series rack oven and proofers are designed for ideas of easily shipping and knocked-down, all equipments are easily to load and unload in containers