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OMEGA company was established in 1984, specialzing in research and manufacture of bakery equipment.


All products have proprietary intellectual property rights and core technology.

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OMEGA company has been manufacturing bread bakery equipment since 1984. OMEGA 's factory is situated in the middle-east of China, approximately 2 hours drive by car from Beijing, near two of the most important national cross-roads. The new factory, which opened in 2010, has created the possibility to improve the production significantly in order to meet the constantly increasing requirements from both the domestic market and the foreign market.


China OMEGA Foodstuff Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Chinese-Korea joint venture company. In total, there are 385 employees in the OMEGA. Today, the name of OMEGA is registered in 80 countries. You'll find OMEGA products in small independent bakeries as well as facilities with multiple ovens for bulk processing.


Ever since we delivery the very first deck oven in 1984, we have been committed to the quality of our products.Our company's policy bases upon a constant improvement to achieve the best results and we are able to do this thanks to our personnel's skill and professionalism as well as our aim at improving both our products and service. OMEGA has ISO9000 & CE certification, meaning that its quality is equally recognized for its design methods, manufacturing processes and commercial organization.


Our sales team is waiting to assist you. Its advice will be personal, reactive, tuned to your needs, so as to meet all your requirements for a full range of bakery equipment.


Moreover, a show-room located in our premises allows a comprehensive view of our main products as well as the possibility to test their function; in this way, such space becomes a special place where it is possible to train personnel in order to give them an effective support for their starting up or widening their activities.


Based on 26 years of experience,we decided to develop this industry with the contribution of specialized and highly experienced technicians in such a way that allows easy operation even to unspecialized personnel.You can be sure we will continue to listen to customers and offer functions that meet new needs. Your success is our future.

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